-First, charge your battery. If you have a regular eGo threaded battery, charge it by screwing the top part of it into your charger and then plugging the other end of your charger into a USB charging port. Be careful that you have the threads lined up, and don’t try to force it. If you are unable to screw it completely onto the charger: make sure threads are clean,try unscrewing it,lining up the threads, and trying to connect it again. It should go on smoothly. When the light on the charger turns green, your battery is fully charged.
– Don’t over-charge.
– Always use the correct charger for the batteries
– NEVER EVER leave batteries unattended while charging (that means no charging overnight while sleeping)
– Do not charge batteries on a combustible surface
– Take batteries off charge immediately when the light turns green
-To turn your eGo battery on or off, just click the button quickly 5 times.

-Next, (this varies between tanks/clearomizers) fill your tank or clearomizer with juice. -Unscrew the mouthpiece (drip tip) and set that to the side. (The best way is to fill the tank while it is tilted to the side. Do not fill past the top part of the wick (there should be a fill line on clearomizer). Be careful not to get juice in the middle tube, which is the air hole. Once it is full, put the top back on tightly. Then, with a kleenex on the bottom part of the clearomizer, blow through it, to make sure no liquid is in the airway. You may want to swirl the liquid and set it on its side for a few minutes to make sure the liquid has wicked fully.

-Attach your clearomizer or tank the same way you attached the charger, by screwing it onto the top of your battery.
-Take a few pulls through the clearomizer/tank before pushing the button on your battery, then push the button and take a drag, just as you would with a cigarette (the first couple drags, should be short (not holding the button down for too long), until you taste the liquid to be sure the wick is fully saturated. This will help from burning the wick. You will feel the vapor in your mouth and lungs. If it has a dry or burnt taste, swirl the tank and give the liquid a little more time to saturate into the wick.

-Non-disposable clearomizers/tanks can be cleaned and re-used. When you begin to notice a loss of flavor and vapor, you will need to replace the coil/wick.

-If you have a clearomizer/tank that has a replaceable coil/wick, make sure the coil/wick is on tightly before filling with juice.

– If you have a clearomizer with a wick at the top, twirl it and tip it from time to time to keep the coil wet. Dry coils give dry hits.

– Keep it topped off with liquid, but don’t overfill it. You don’t want to let your clearomizer wicks get very dry. So it’s a good idea to fill it when it reaches the halfway point or a little lower.

– The length of time a wick lasts depends on how often you vape, which type of juice you are using, and the Voltage/Wattage you using (if using a twist battery or mod).
Thicker, sweeter, darker juices lessen the lifetime/use of a wick.

-If nothing seems to taste good, try giving your taste buds a “shock” with a different flavor than you normally vape.

-If you are having any problems or questions about any type of e-cig gear we offer, you can contact us during business hours at 1-910-754-QUIT (7848).

-YouTube is your friend. A good mix of reading and watching a few videos here and there about vaping will take you a long way up this learning curve.

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